It takes a little time if you really want to get to the core-phenomenon of Daniela Schaupp who is a charismatic bundle of energy.
At the age of five Daniela Schaupp declared her dream to become a musician. She was classically educated up to adulthood and the love for composing her own music started to grow.

She toured Austria and Italy with different formations as their pianist. Daniela loves the “romantic-being an artist-existence”, as she calls it. In 2013 she founded her band “Pianocrash”. The desire to completely focus on the music grew constantly andchanged the artist to a person driven by her own creativity with a great deal of sarcasm.

On stage Piano Crash keeps on surprising the audience, also by changing the line-up according to the current program. The sound of the band is frequently refined with electronic sounds by Marco Palewicz. The first record “PIANOCRASH” will be released and then proudly presented on the stages of Europe in September 2015

Permanent enhancement and indulging into all kinds of musical influences are trademarks of this band and their style-therefore it's really hard to categorize them!


“Strictly speaking my musical origin is classical music, but I have rock 'n' roll running through my veins and you can definitely hear that.” (Daniela Schaupp)


Daniela Schaupp - piano

Composer and producer, qualified pedagogue, founder and heart of the band, into the piano since she was five years old, classically educated up to adulthood, worked as a composer for movies and theaters in different social institutions of Austria, regular performances in cultural public locations and at private views.
Record contract with ATS Records.

Photo by Aleksandra Prünner - www.aleks-photo.com

Marcus Wall - violin, guitar

Studied violin in Linz and Vienna and took courses with Lynn Blakeslee, Boris Kuschnir and Thomas Christian. Productions with Bruckner-orchester Linz, Bruckner's Unlimited, Mickey Baker, the concert ensemble of Salzburg and the Johann Strauss Ensemble, Konstantin Wecker and Serj Tankian (System of a Down).
ORCA Linz.

Member of the Spring String quartet.

René Pichler - drums

At the age of 15 he started his education of classic percussion at the Bruckner conservatory of Linz and was tutored by Johann Gschwandtner and Josef Gumpinger. Instrumental-Vocal and pedagogical studies at the Jazz department of the Anton Brucknerprivate university, instructed by Jeff Boudreaux.

Regarding his concert activity René Pichler can look back on a lot of performances not only as a classical percussionist, but also as a drummer in all kinds of formations. Since five years he intensified his activity as a drum-tutor.